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Starcharge focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of new EV Charging equipment. They have developed and expanded a smart cloud platform and are active in the entire enery sector. Starcharge was granted $125 million in Series A funding and has been reqognised as 'the most richhly valued digital energy unicorn company in Asia. CYCHARGING is the exclusive distributor of Starcharge Chargers in Cyprus. Quality you cannot find anywhere else! 


ABB's Electrification business offers a wide-ranging portfolio of products, digital solutions and services, from substation to socket, enabling safe, smart and sustainable electrification. Offerings encompass digital and connected innovations for low- and medium-voltage, including EV infrastructure, solar inverters, modular substations, distribution automation, power protection, wiring accessories, switchgear, enclosures, cabling, sensing and control.


Daloop have been at the forefront of eMobility for over a decade. They started as a project within Portugal’s Centre for Innovation and Creative Engineering (CEiiA) in 2010, and now as a product-led SaaS startup fully backed by Galp, and assisted dozens of organisations to reduce emissions and unlock new revenue opportunities with powerful software solutions for EV charging infrastructure, vehicle fleets, and the people that use them. 

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