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Let's meet and discuss, we can then come up with charging solutions together, whether it is for home, work or public charging. 

Together we can create the ultimate Green energy package, that may include EV Chargers, remote monitoring, app creation and management, payment systems, photovoltaics, renewable energy supply from our photovoltaic parks, on going maintenance & support from our experts and more. 

You see, we are not just a charging company... We are a Green force!  


The Green Energy Group is a dynamic group of companies operating in the field of Green Energy in Cyprus. With many years of experience and highly qualified staff, the group offers high-efficiency solutions with a range of specialized products and services such as Photovoltaic Systems, Operation and Maintenance of Large Scale parks, Electricity Supply, ESCo Projects and Energy-saving studies. The Group’s vision is to have a leading presence in the wider field of energy with an emphasis on green energy and a catalytic contribution to the energy transformation of the country.

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